• Memory Garden - Forever + Tides
  • Strana Officina  - Officina dei Sogni - Tribute
  • La Janara - Tenebra
  • Strana Officina - Guerra Triste
  • Aldi Dallo Spazio - Quasar
  • Strana Officina - Law of the Jungle
  • Witchwood - Handful of Stars - New Print
  • Crying Steel - Steel Alive
  • Gunfire - Gunfire

- Black Beard Project -

Black Beard Records, Jolly Roger Records
Hi Metal Heads! As label Jolly Roger Records focused since the very beginning on producing Italian bands only.
Now in 2020, after 12 years, the label is going to start a new project, called "Black Beard" producing also foreign bands,
dedicating mainly on my "great" loves: Classic HM and Vinyls. The combinations of these is "Black Beard".
And it's with great pride and pleasure I present the first 2 releases: Swedish
Memory Garden "Forever" and "Tides" (one of my favourite doom metal albums of all the times)
will be available on vinyl for the very first time in April. Pre-order both and receive "Tides" Tshirt for free!
Many great HM albums will be released, so if you see this Logo on back-covers you can be sure, great true HM inside...on Vinyl!
Could you wish something better? Follow us and stay tuned!
memory garden, memory garden forever, doom metal    memory garden, memory garden forever, doom metal
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