• Nocturnal Rites - Tales of Mystery and Imagination, The Sacred Talisman
  • Omen - Teeth of the Hydra
  • Grave Digger - Ballad of Mary
  • Memory Garden - Verdict of Posterity, Mirage
  • Destiny's End - Breathe Deep the Dark, Transition
  • Capricorn - Capricorn, Inferno
  • Nocturnal Rites - In a Time of Blood and Fire
  • Rovescio della Medaglia - Contaminazione 2.0
  • Depressive Age - First Depression, Lying in Wait

- Jolly Roger -

Pre-Orders (2021)
Backcatalogue (2008-2020)
JRR proudly produced since the beginning (2008) only Italian bands, publishing the best from the past and present.
Italian Hard & Heavy was able to create an unique and original sound through the years, keeping it true and underground. This was our choice to support italian scene, thanks for your respect and enjoy! 
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jolly roger records, witchwood, rovescio della medaglia, italian metal
jolly roger records, italian metal, strana officina
italian metal, jolly roger records, strana officina
strana officina, jolly roger records, italian metal
italian metal, jolly roger records, heavy metal

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