• Witchwood - Handful of Stars
  • Ancillotti - Strike Back
  • Vis - Vis et Deus
  • Fil di Ferro - Remastered Cd + Patch Offer
  • Sabotage - Acts of Sabotage Book + 2 Cd Offer
  • Distruzione - Endogena
  • Memento Waltz - Division By Zero
  • Witchwood - Litanies from the Woods
  • Strana Officina - Batti il Martello Book + Cd Offer

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Cd / Lp catalogue last update : 12th January 2017
<strong>December 2016:</strong> Jolly Roger Records would like to thank all the customers, friends, labels, distros, partners and everyone who helped JRR to grow up, for the support in 2016 and wish you all the best for a wonderful 2017 !
December 2016: Jolly Roger Records would like to thank all the customers, friends, labels, distros, partners and everyone who helped JRR to grow up, for the support in 2016 and wish you all the best for a wonderful 2017 !
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Ancillotti new album
November 2016: Ancillotti new album "Strike Back" now available on vinyl. Stricly limited to 250 copies, first 100 copies on orange vax. Kick a** heavy metal featuring Bud (Strana Officina, Bud Tribe) on vocals. (Click for details)
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Vis
November 2016: Vis "Vis et Deus" featuring Johnny Salani (former Strana Officina) on vocals, now available on digipack Cd. Never officially released, contains 8 tracks (completely remastered) with italian lyrics, in the tradition of Strana Officina. (Click for details)
<strong>October 2016:</strong> Witchwood new release
October 2016: Witchwood new release "Handful of Stars" now available on JRR mailorder! Yellow Lp (100 copies) already sold out from pre-orders. Grab now your copy, Lp, Boxset Cd + Tshirt (100 copies), Cd or Digital. (Click for details)
October 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" videoclip now online. It took about 1 year of hard work to produce it, hope you enjoy and share. Track (new version plus intro) taken from "Handful of Stars".
<strong>September 2016: </strong>Fil di Ferro
September 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" albums now available on Cd formats, completely remastered. Order both and add any JRR release, for you a band's patch for free! (Click for details)
September 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" album teaser video now online! Video excerpts by Dimitri Corradini, taken from the forthcoming "Handful of Stars" videoclip, soon available. Enjoy !
August 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" videoclip now online! An introduction to the history of the band and to "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" reissues, available on 26th September.
July 2016: Godwatt "Scheletro" official videoclip now online! Track taken from latest album "L'Ultimo Sole" (bonus track of the Cd edition), out February 2016 on Cd, Lp, Digital.
<strong>May 2016: </strong>New Magazine
May 2016: New Magazine "Fire", born from an idea of S. Cerati (Rock Hard) now available FREE for any order with express courier / GRATIS per ogni ordine con corriere.
<strong>May 2016:</strong> Acquista ora la biografia ufficiale dei Sabotage
May 2016: Acquista ora la biografia ufficiale dei Sabotage "Acts of Sabotage" + 2 Cd relativi alla band toscana ("Airspeed" e "Rumore nel Vento") al prezzo speciale di 20,00 € (Clicca per dettagli)
<strong>May 2016:</strong>
May 2016: "Crossbones" (1989) of italian guitar hero Dario Mollo, featuring as very special guest Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne) on keys now available! (Click for details)
<strong>May 2016:</strong>
May 2016: "Heavy Metal Eruption - The Italian Way of Heavy Metal" (1983) now available on Digipack Cd, limited to 500 copies only. Completely remastered. (Click for details)
<strong>March 2016:</strong> 
March 2016: "Endogena" (1996) from Distruzione, sold out since long time, now available remastered on Cd and, for the very first time, on Lp. A must-have cult album for all thrash-death maniacs. (Click for details) 
<strong>March 2016:</strong> 
March 2016: "Division by Zero" and "Antithesis of Time" from cult-progressive band Memento Waltz, now available for the first time on Lp, each release limited to 100 coloured and 150 black. (Click for details)
<strong>February 2016:</strong> Godwatt
February 2016: Godwatt "L'Ultimo Sole" now available on Cd, Lp, Digital. Doom with Stoner inserts reminding Kyuss and Alice in Chains sound. (Click for details)
December 2015: Godwatt "Memoria" official videoclip now available. Taken from "L'ultimo Sole" to be released in February 2016 on Lp, Cd, Digital. Expect heavy and doom sound with stoner inserts.
December 2015: New Distruzione videoclip "Nel Tuo Nome" now available! Taken from their latest release "Distruzione" celebrating 25 years of band's activity. 

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