• Buttered Bacon Biscuits - From the Solitary Woods
  • Folkstone - Damnati ad Metalla
  • Witchwood - Litanies from the Woods
  • Witchwood - Handful of Stars
  • Ancillotti - Strike Back
  • Fil di Ferro - Remastered Cd + Patch Offer
  • Vis - Vis et Deus

- News -

Cd / Lp catalogue last update : 13th July 2017
<strong>July 2017:</strong> Folkstone 2nd album
July 2017: Folkstone 2nd album "Damnati ad Metalla" now available for the first time on gatefold Lp format, thanks to license from Fuel / Self. First 100 copies in Blue wax. (Click for details)
<strong>June 2017:</strong> Unreal Terror are back! New album entitled
June 2017: Unreal Terror are back! New album entitled "The New Chapter" will be available at beginning of September on Cd, Lp, Digital. Expect a pure dose of excellent old school HM. (More details will follow)
<strong>June 2017:</strong> Summer? Hot Prices Time! New areas with discounts from 30% to 70% on Cd, Lp and JRR releases now available. Cd from 2,00 €! Give a Look :) 
June 2017: Summer? Hot Prices Time! New areas with discounts from 30% to 70% on Cd, Lp and JRR releases now available. Cd from 2,00 €! Give a Look :) 
June 2017: Buttered Bacon Biscuits "Into the Wild" official lyrics video now on line. Taken from "From the Solitary Woods" album, available on Lp, Cd, Digital. Witchwood fans and hard rock  lovers give a listen!
<strong>June 2017:</strong> Witchwood's debut masterpiece
June 2017: Witchwood's debut masterpiece "Litanies from the Woods" double-vinyl reprint finally in stock! JRR sincerely apologises for delay. First 100 copies in deluxe gold wax. (Click for details)
<strong>June 2017: </strong>Buttered Bacon Biscuits (feat. Witchwood)
June 2017: Buttered Bacon Biscuits (feat. Witchwood) "From the Solitary Woods" in stock! JRR apologises for delay. Self-produced in '09, it shows the roots from where Witchwood are born. (Click for details)
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Ancillotti new album
November 2016: Ancillotti new album "Strike Back" now available on vinyl. Stricly limited to 250 copies, first 100 copies on orange vax. Kick a** heavy metal featuring Bud (Strana Officina, Bud Tribe) on vocals. (Click for details)
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Vis
November 2016: Vis "Vis et Deus" featuring Johnny Salani (former Strana Officina) on vocals, now available on digipack Cd. Never officially released, contains 8 tracks (completely remastered) with italian lyrics, in the tradition of Strana Officina. (Click for details)
<strong>October 2016:</strong> Witchwood new release
October 2016: Witchwood new release "Handful of Stars" now available! Yellow Lp (100 copies) already sold out from pre-orders. (Click for details)
October 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" videoclip now online. It took about 1 year of hard work to produce it, hope you enjoy and share. Track (new version plus intro) taken from "Handful of Stars".
<strong>September 2016: </strong>Fil di Ferro
September 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" albums now available on Cd formats, completely remastered. Order both and add any JRR release, for you a band's patch for free! (Click for details)
September 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" album teaser video now online! Video excerpts by Dimitri Corradini, taken from the forthcoming "Handful of Stars" videoclip, soon available. Enjoy !
August 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" videoclip now online! An introduction to the history of the band and to "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" reissues, available on 26th September.

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