• Witchwood - Handful of Stars
  • Ancillotti - Strike Back
  • Vis - Vis et Deus
  • Fil di Ferro - Remastered Cd + Patch Offer
  • Distruzione - Endogena
  • Witchwood - Litanies from the Woods
  • Strana Officina - Batti il Martello Book + Cd Offer

- News -

Cd / Lp catalogue last update : 16th February 2017
<strong>January 2017: </strong>JRR proudly announces Buttered Bacon Biscuits (feat. Witchwood members)
January 2017: JRR proudly announces Buttered Bacon Biscuits (feat. Witchwood members) "From the Solitary Woods" will be available in spring on Cd, Lp and Digital. Originally self-produced in 2009, it shows the roots from where Witchwood were born. (More details will follow)
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Ancillotti new album
November 2016: Ancillotti new album "Strike Back" now available on vinyl. Stricly limited to 250 copies, first 100 copies on orange vax. Kick a** heavy metal featuring Bud (Strana Officina, Bud Tribe) on vocals. (Click for details)
<strong>November 2016:</strong> Vis
November 2016: Vis "Vis et Deus" featuring Johnny Salani (former Strana Officina) on vocals, now available on digipack Cd. Never officially released, contains 8 tracks (completely remastered) with italian lyrics, in the tradition of Strana Officina. (Click for details)
<strong>October 2016:</strong> Witchwood new release
October 2016: Witchwood new release "Handful of Stars" now available on JRR mailorder! Yellow Lp (100 copies) already sold out from pre-orders. Grab now your copy, Lp, Boxset Cd + Tshirt (100 copies), Cd or Digital. (Click for details)
October 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" videoclip now online. It took about 1 year of hard work to produce it, hope you enjoy and share. Track (new version plus intro) taken from "Handful of Stars".
<strong>September 2016: </strong>Fil di Ferro
September 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" albums now available on Cd formats, completely remastered. Order both and add any JRR release, for you a band's patch for free! (Click for details)
September 2016: Witchwood "Handful of Stars" album teaser video now online! Video excerpts by Dimitri Corradini, taken from the forthcoming "Handful of Stars" videoclip, soon available. Enjoy !
August 2016: Fil di Ferro "Hurricanes" videoclip now online! An introduction to the history of the band and to "Hurricanes" and "Fil di Ferro" reissues, available on 26th September.
July 2016: Godwatt "Scheletro" official videoclip now online! Track taken from latest album "L'Ultimo Sole" (bonus track of the Cd edition), out February 2016 on Cd, Lp, Digital.
<strong>May 2016:</strong>
May 2016: "Crossbones" (1989) of italian guitar hero Dario Mollo, featuring as very special guest Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne) on keys now available! (Click for details)
<strong>May 2016:</strong>
May 2016: "Heavy Metal Eruption - The Italian Way of Heavy Metal" (1983) now available on Digipack Cd, limited to 500 copies only. Completely remastered. (Click for details)

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