• Depressive Age - First Depression, Lying in Wait
  • Grave Digger - Symphony of Death
  • Doctor Butcher - Doctor Butcher
  • Ancillotti - Hell on Earth
  • Bud Tribe - Roll the Bone
  • Memory Garden - Forever + Tides
  • Strana Officina  - Officina dei Sogni - Tribute
  • La Janara - Tenebra
  • Strana Officina - Guerra Triste
  • Strana Officina - Law of the Jungle

- BlackBeard Releases -

Black Beard Records, Jolly Roger Records, true heavy metal
Hi Metal Heads! After 12 years producing italian bands exclusively, JRR started a new project, open to foreign bands and dedicated on his "great passions": Classic HM and VinylsMany great HM albums will be released, so if you see the "BB" Logo on back-covers you can be sure, great true HM inside...on Vinyl! 
In a time where everything's shared, online and consumed quick, this is our way to tribute Heavy Metal Music, like when was honoured played at maximum volume on turntable and enjoyed in total solitude, staring at albums artworks and memorizing each word written in the innersleeves.
When the only thing to matter was time to dedicate to our passion...Heavy Metal!
Why this project? because we lived the magic of the "golden" times, when the release of an album meant excitement and waiting, when the vinyl spinning was the door to a different reality...and we know, aware of the music situation nowadays, that these things, together with some great albums, risk to be gone forever, this is something can't accept nor be partner of this. This is our way to hope some things will never be lost and that the ritual of the vinyl will live forever. This is our choice to resist and defend. Thank you for your support and for keeping vinyl alive!


Developed by Andrea Guerzoni