• Reactor - Rather Dead Than Dishonoured, Revelation
  • Jutta Weinhold - Memories o Zed Yago, To Be or Not, From Heaven Through The World To Hell
  • Depressive Age - Symbols for the Blue Times
  • Ancient Empire - Wings of the Fallen, Priest of Stygia
  • Syris - Syris, Unseen Forces
  • Tragedy Divine - Visions of Power
  • Chastain - The 7th of Never, Leather - Shock Waves
  • Depressive Age - First Depression, Lying in Wait
  • Chastain - Ruler of the Wasteland, For Those Who Dare
  • Grave Digger - Heart of Darkness


    BLESSED AR THE DEAD (Bonus Track)
    BADLANDS (Bonus Track)
    WARLORD (Demo, Bonus Track)
    FOREVER (Demo, Bonus Track)
"Taking their name from a classic song released by Us doom titans Trouble, Sweden's Memory Garden also took their doom history quite seriously, infusing their music with unapologetic references to genre icons like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, and Trouble, of course. Beginning with their first demo, it didn't take long to land a deal for the release of 1995's Forever EP, and the following year's surprisingly mature Tides LP"
— All Music
memory garden, memory garden forever, jolly roger records, doom metal
AQUA BLUE LP, limited to 100 copies : SOLD OUT
memory garden, memory garden forever, jolly roger records

I Memory Garden sono una band svedese di doom metal formata nel dicembre 1992. Hanno iniziato la loro carriera con un demo (1993) e il 7" "Blessed are the Dead" (1994) che hanno suscitato l'interesse della piccola etichetta svedese, Heathendoom Music, che ha dato loro l'opportunità di pubblicare il mini Cd "Forever" nel 1995 e il loro primo album "Tides" nel 1996. Entrambi furono registrati ai Fredman Studios con Fredrik Norman e furono accolti molto bene dai fan e dalla stampa in Europa.
"Forever" è disponibile per la prima volta su Lp, gentilmente concesso in licenza da Vic Records, presentando sul lato B "Bleesed are the Dead" e due tracce-demo come bonus tracks.
Memory Garden is a Swedish doom metal band formed in December 1992. They began their career with a demo (1993) and "Blessed are the Dead" vinyl 7" (1994) releases which gained the interest of the small Swedish label, Heathendoom Music, who gave them the opportunity to release the mini Cd "Forever" in 1995 and their first full-length album "Tides" in 1996. Both were recorded at Fredman Studios with Fredrik Norman and were very well received among fans and press in Europe.
"Forever" is available for the first time on Lp, kindly licensed by Vic Records, featuring on B side "Bleesed are the Dead" and demos as bonus tracks.
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memory garden, doom metal, jolly roger records, true metal


memory garden, doom metal, jolly roger records, true metal


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